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Frogspot Stories

Check out some of these stories by Uncle Steve.

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KIM Club Stories

Their clubhouse is in a billboard sign and even though most people know that they're a club they don't know what they do. That's a closely guarded secret. Their name "KIM Club" is short for Kids In Ministry Club and when they're on one of their secret missions they simply go by the name Kim.
Check out what they're up to.

Missionary Stories

What's it like to be a missionary kid? Megan Mays wrote a report shortly after her family arrived in their mission field in Berat, Albania. Click here to read it!

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Story CDs

Uncle Steve's Kid's Story CDs

Uncle Steve's new Kid's Story CDs are now available in your local Adventist Book Center.

    CD Titles include:
  • Secret Cargo: and Other Mission Stories
  • The Sharing Bandit: and Other Animal Stories.
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