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Science Camp 2010

Science Camp 2010 was a blast!

The kids enjoyed a cowboy themed week. Some highlights were, horses, the lake front, Explorit, finding object lessons and worship talks.

This camp is run with an all volunteer staff from all over the US and, this year, overseas. We at FrogSpot were happy to be a part of this great event. Uncle Steve was Camp Pastor and Mr. Guteeair, T. J. and I helped.

Mr. Guteeair and Uncle Steve led the great singing and Uncle Steve’s morning worship talks were about science and God (T.J. helped with these), and in the evening he told the story, “Spotted Boy and the Comanches.” I, Cammy, took pictures! Here’s a video I made for you all.

Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour Dramatized StoriesHey everyone,

Guess what! Your Story Hour is now streaming their dramatized stories on the web.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing these dramatized stories.

You can also sign up for the free “Adventures in the Holy Bible” Bible study guides and get a complete set of dramatized stories on the life of Jesus. Check it out!

Click here to listen

Your friend,

T. J. Tucker

Kansas Nebraska Campmeeting 2007!

This year at Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting in Lincoln, NE, we, Uncle Steve, Mr. Guteeair (the guitar), Jamison (the computer), Fred the Frog and I all helped out in the Primary (ages 7-9) division. The main part of the program was a time machine that brought Bible characters out to tell their stories and ask the kids to help them make the right decision.

Uncle Steve, Jamison and Mr. Guteeair were in charge of the music. The Froggy Song, the Monkey Song, Awesome God, and All in All were favorite songs. I got to talk to the kids a few times and one time I go to go through the time machine dressed as a Bible character–That was fin!

–T.J. Tucker    T. J. Tucker