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Watch an Eagle Hatch and Raise Her Babies.

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I thought you’d like to see this neat live video of this bald eagle family. I’ll only keep it up on the homepage for a short while so If you want to keep watching as the babies grow you’ll need to bookmark the permanent link. Enjoy!

Science Camp 2010

Science Camp 2010 was a blast!

The kids enjoyed a cowboy themed week. Some highlights were, horses, the lake front, Explorit, finding object lessons and worship talks.

This camp is run with an all volunteer staff from all over the US and, this year, overseas. We at FrogSpot were happy to be a part of this great event. Uncle Steve was Camp Pastor and Mr. Guteeair, T. J. and I helped.

Mr. Guteeair and Uncle Steve led the great singing and Uncle Steve’s morning worship talks were about science and God (T.J. helped with these), and in the evening he told the story, “Spotted Boy and the Comanches.” I, Cammy, took pictures! Here’s a video I made for you all.

The Watch Maker/ Intelligent Design

Hey kids!

Have you ever heard people say that we all evolved over time from random chance? I found this really cool video that shows how ridiculous that notion is!

I’ll stick with the Bible’s story of creation because I know that you are wonderfully designed by a the Master Designer, God! (I was designed by a camera maker)


Cammy (the Camera)

Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting

Story Time at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry

Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting was a blast! We traveled 1,000 miles one way from Valentine, Nebraska to Jefferson, TX to lead the junior division for a bunch of wonderful kids. We transformed the chapel of Jefferson Academy into a super secret science lab where “Dr. N” had the juniors help with his top secret project–the Simon LX 2007! Access to the lab was controlled with a high-tech system, created especially for this event, complete with real badges (available for free to churches here).

The kids formed research teams that found Bible answers to life questions through scientific experiments such as black light, codes, micro-print, presser sensitivity and, of course, the Simon LX 2007 machine.

Of course it was not all scientific research we also had great singing (a campmeeting must) memory verse games, a water fight to end all water fights and the ever popular story time!

Simon LX 2007 also transported a roman soldier (played by Dr. Dick Stenbakken) from the 1st century AD to our lab where he explained how his armor is like the armor of God. after successfully transporting him back we set to making our own roman armor made to scale from authentic patterns (we used poster board instead of metal though).

The kids really loved the program and we have been invited back next year (we haven’t accepted yet, we’ll see).
Here’s some picts!

Scientific Discovery at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry
More Story Time at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry
Memory Verse Learning at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry
T. J. Trying On a Roman Soldier Helmet at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry
Simon LX 2007 at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry
Simon LX 2007’s Control Panel at Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry
First Hand Account of the Crucifixion Told by the Crucifying Centurionat Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting: From Kid’s Ministry