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Temple Made of Time

Hi Kids! I just found this really nice song from Kids Time, a TV program on 3ABN TV. It’s about a special time Jesus wants to have with us. To see the words Click here. Enjoy! Your Friend, Mr. Guteeair :-)

3rd Annuel Cookie Decorating Party

Cookies From the 3rd Annual Cookie Decoratin PartyOn Sunday evening, December 9, A record number of kids converged at (Pastor) Uncle Steve and Heather’s house for our 3rd annual Cookie Decorating Party. This has been a highlight of the Christmas season for our church kids for the past few years and even though one of them moved away (and we really missed him!) three more kids came! The kids decorated cookies with frosting and sprinkles. They came up with some really cool designs!

This was actually taken last year. But it's the same idea Another tradition has developed for the cookie decorating night–Sliding down the stair! After the cookies we all done and some of the younger kids left the older kids were back at it this year. Bumpity-bump-ti-bump down the stairs. We had to stop one of the girls because she was having so much fun that she got rug burn!

More CookiesAll in all it was a great evening of fun and service because, you see, the cookies went to the nursing home where the residents could enjoy them and know that our kids thought about them! Why don’t you do that in your church next year! It’s fun and the elderly people love to be remembered!

Your Friend,

Uncle Steve

Singing at Campmeeting

Hey kids!

This year’s Kansas Nebraska Campmeeting (See what Campmeeting is) was awesome! T. J., Mr. Guteeair and I all got to help out in the primary division (ages 7-9). Mr. Guteeair and I started each meeting off with a song service. The kids sang really loud, sometimes so loud that they couldn’t even hear us! We sang songs like The Froggy Song, Awesome God, All in All, and the Monkey Song!

I think my favorite song is The Froggy Song. I guess that’s because God and I wrote it and it means so much to me. What’s your Favorite song? I’d love to know. Why don’t you email me and tell me. Or, better yet, record yourself singing it and send it to me.

Happy singing!

Your friend,

Uncle Steve