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Exciting News!!

          Hey everyone!,

I’m writing to let you know that, Uncle Steve is now a daddy! His first baby, Kevin,  was born on July 28, 2009. I’ve been very busydoing what I do best, taking pictures. Wanna see some?

Your Friend,

Cammy the Camera.

2009 FrogSpot Ministries Summer Schedule

We have some interesting events coming up.  I hope you’ll join us for some of these fun events.

  • June 5-6, 2009, Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting in Lincoln, NE: Uncle Steve has been asked to head up the primary division (ages 7-9) this year at campmeeting. This year it’s only a two day event but it will be fun anyway.
  • June 21-26, 2009, Science Camp in Lexington, NE: After taking a year off for moving, we’re back to Science Camp! For more click here for the brochure.
  • Vacation Bible School Curriculum: This summer we’re going to take some time to develop a Vacation Bible School Curriculum with a Space exploration theme. We were originally planning it for campmeeting but since this year’s campmeeting got shortened it will not be practical. We decided that it would be good to write out the program for other churches to use. While there are already many wonderful VBS programs out there, some small churches find them too difficult or costly for their church size. Our plan is to make an interesting, exciting and strongly biblical program that kids will love and do it at a very, very low cost so it can be done by just about any church regardless of size or budget.
  • Augus 3 (or thereabouts), new member of the family: Uncle Steve’s first baby, Kevin Riley, will be born on or around August 3. I guess that’s not really a FrogSpot event but I had to tell you anyway! We’re really excited!!!!

Summer Schedule 2008

This year, since we’ve recently moved, our summer schedule is much trimmed down. Here’s what we have so far. We may be adding a local VBS later on this summer.

  • May 30-June 7: Uncle Steve, Mr. Guteeair, T.J., Fred, Cammy, and Jamison and Gertrude (our computers) will all be helping in the primary division at Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting in Lincoln, NE. You’ll get a top secret badge that will give you access to the top secret primary room where there is an amazing time machine. We’ll be learning about the Israelites in Egypt. For more info click here or here.
  • June 29-July 6: The whole FrogSpot team will be at Broken Arrow Ranch for Adventurer Camp. If you’re 7 to 9 years old (or close to those ages!) you can come and spend an exciting week of camp! Uncle Steve will be the camp pastor! Click here to view the camp poster. Email the camp director, Pastor Michael Paradise m p a r a d i s e @ k s - n e . o r g (take out the spaces) or call him at 785-468-3638 to find out more or to sign up.

–Uncle Steve

Moving to Corn Country

Moving to Corn CountryWe’re excited to announce that FrogSpot Ministry is moving from Valentine, NE, to Beatrice, NE! Uncle Steve will be pastoring three new churches in that area. That will bring us into Eastern Nebraska near Lincoln where they are a lot more opportunities for reaching out to kids. One of our major objectives is to develop a model for successful, evangelistic, children’s ministry in a small church environment. Many small churches would like to reach out to kids but don’t know how. We’re hoping to help with that.

This will make a lot of changes for us. For one thing, Valentine is beef country all the way–that makes a unique dynamic for vegetarians, like us. Beatrice agriculture is focused on Corn and Soy Beans. That’s stuff I actually like! Another industry in Beatrice is manufacturing tractors. There are three tractor manufacturing plants in the town.

Well, I’d better get packing!


Uncle Steve

Spring Schedule 2008

Uncle Steve Praying With Logos KidsOur spring schedule is much slimmed down because we are moving to Beatrice, NE. We hope you can take part in some of these events:

  • March 29, 11:00 am–Our Junior/Youth Sabbath School class will present the entire worship service. They will be assisted by the beginner-primary class which will do the music. This will be at the Valentine Seventh-day Adventist Church. Click here for directions.
  • April 2, 7:00 pm–The Logos end of the year/Easter program promises to be wonderful. The k-1 grade kids will be singing ABC God Loves Me. The 2nd and 3rd grade class is doing a skit about not forgetting Jesus at Easter. 4th and 5th will be transforming a pig–don’t ask, just come! The middle and high school groups have also planned some great things, I’ve been told. It will be at the Valentine United Methodist Church (across from the elementary school on east 5th st.).
  • April 6th & 7–We’re moving! Our new address will be 1010 N 16th Ave, Beatrice, NE 68310.

We’re getting some neat stuff planned for this summer too but it’ll be a little while till it’s nailed down enough to publish.

–Uncle Steve