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Uncle SteveHey kids!

I’m excited about this new blog! We’re gonna have a lot of great stuff here!

I (Uncle Steve) be telling you neat stories and keeping you up to date about the latest news at FrogSpot.
Mr Guteeair

Mr. Guteeair (My Guitar) will share fun songs.
Fred the FrogFred (the Frog) will post games, crafts, recipes and other fun stuff.

T.J. (my puppet) will add his fun two cents from time to time.T. J. Tucker

And Cammy (the Camera) will let you see some of the exciting things we do here at FrogSpot!

So check back often for more!

Your Friend,

Uncle Steve

P.S. The publish dates on my post are not necessarily when they were actually posted.  I have given them dates that will make them appear in the right order even if they were written out of order.