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2011 FrogSpot Ministries Summer Schedule

This year we have a light schedule arranged for FrogSpot, with two big events:

  • Covered WagonJune 1-4 Primary Campmeeting, Lincoln, NE: We will once again be leading the Primary Division (7-9 year olds) at the Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting. This year we have an extended program, beginning on Wednesday night and going to Saturday night. We will have a covered wagon theme as we pioneer toward our Homestead in Heaven. For more info email me.
  • July 10-15 Science Camp, Lexington, NE: The highlight of our year is always this wonderful camp.  Located at Beautiful Camp Arrowhead we’ll have a blast learning about the “Wacky World of Water.” Uncle Steve’s story includes a mysterious alligator, and anaconda,  and a girl who has to face these and other dangers of a water based society. Mr Guteeair will be ther with good camp songs.

For more info or you can check out our video from last year here.We hope to see you at one of these events.

Japan Earthquake: ARDA is there!

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