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Space Exploration >< KS-NE Campmeeting

Astronaut Martinez

We just got done with a great weekend at KS-NE Campmeeting leading the Primary Division. Our theme was space exploration and we covered the important topic of the great controversy between Jesus and Satan.

The main attraction was a space shuttle that the kids went into to hear Astronaut Martinez tell the Bible story from a galactic point of view!

Uncle Steve was assisted by two great pastors, Robert Martinez and Nathan Steerman, Mr. Guteeair (the Guitar), Jamison Chadwick (the laptop computer) and, of course, yours truly, Cammy.

As always I have some pictures to show you!

Your Friend, Cammy (the Camera)

Uncle Steve and Mr. Guteeair Leading song service

Pastor Nathan, the Mad Scientist, shares a scientific object lesson

Astronaut Martinez tells the Bible story inside the space shuttle

Space Walk

Space shuttle