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Hugging a Lion

Hey kids,

I just found this really cool video. The lady rescued this lion when he was a baby and when he grew up she brought him to this animal sanctuary. How would you like to have a lion hug you like that?

It reminds me of heaven where all the animals, including huge lions, will be friendly. We won’t even need the cage bars for protection! Won’t that be neat!

The Bible says that in the new earth “The Wolfwolf will live with the Lamblamb, the Leopardleopard will lie down with the Goatgoat, the Calfcalf and the Lionlion and the yearling together; and a (CC) Image by endbradleylittle child will lead them.”–Isaiah 11:6 NIV

See ya in Heaven!

–Cammy (the Camera)

Summer Schedule 2008

This year, since we’ve recently moved, our summer schedule is much trimmed down. Here’s what we have so far. We may be adding a local VBS later on this summer.

  • May 30-June 7: Uncle Steve, Mr. Guteeair, T.J., Fred, Cammy, and Jamison and Gertrude (our computers) will all be helping in the primary division at Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting in Lincoln, NE. You’ll get a top secret badge that will give you access to the top secret primary room where there is an amazing time machine. We’ll be learning about the Israelites in Egypt. For more info click here or here.
  • June 29-July 6: The whole FrogSpot team will be at Broken Arrow Ranch for Adventurer Camp. If you’re 7 to 9 years old (or close to those ages!) you can come and spend an exciting week of camp! Uncle Steve will be the camp pastor! Click here to view the camp poster. Email the camp director, Pastor Michael Paradise m p a r a d i s e @ k s - n e . o r g (take out the spaces) or call him at 785-468-3638 to find out more or to sign up.

–Uncle Steve