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Valentine Area Youth Rally

What do you get when you take 220 people, rousing music, bubblegum, and an inspiring talk and put it all in the high school auditorium on a Wednesday night? Why, the Valentine Area Youth Rally, “Meth: They Call It Ice”, of course! The Second Wind Band kicked the evening off in high gear with a rousing song service. Youth Pastor Mike Maroney then led some victims—oh, I mean volunteers— in an interesting bubblegum game. After some more music we heard, “Let me tell you what meth did to my family.” Immediately Dr. Mary Holley had the full attention of the youth. “Meth killed my brother!” She went on to explain how meth works and how it deceives you into thinking that you can control it while the whole time it’s enslaving you. She also emphasized Jesus’ power over addiction and appealed to kids to accept Him, instead of harmful substances, to fill the empty place in their lives, only Jesus can give you victory. As the talk drew to an end, 10% of the audience responded to her call to accept Jesus! 

All this happened on Wednesday, November 7, all the area churches were encouraged to combine their youth groups for this special presentation. We expected 100 people to come but had about 220 folks packed the house. Dr. Mary Holley is from MAMA (Mothers Against Methamphetamine). Thanks to all the churches that combined their youth groups for this groundbreaking event sponsored by the Valentine Area Ministerial Association! This event was coordinated by Pastors Steve Severance, Seventh-day Adventist with the help of pastors Bruce Beebout, Second Wind; and Mike Maroney, Assembly of God and the NCNCAPP board.

Here are some composite photos of this event:

From Kid’s Ministry
From Kid’s Ministry