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Science Camp 2007

This year we expanded science camp to be a whole week! This meant that we had the opportunity to show the many kids from other denominations and the non-Christian ones how to really celebrate Sabbath. It took some thought to come up with a Sabbath appropriate program that all the kids, even the ones who had never experienced Sabbath before, would enjoy. But it worked really well.

Water fight at Science Camp From Kid’s Ministry

My theme for the whole week was the Ten Commandments. The kids loved “The Perfect Ten” our theme song! We talked about important things about all 10 commandments; such as guys not being rats and girls not being cheese (Commandment # 7), how Jesus said that hating your brother is like murdering (6th Commandment), and The Ignored Birthday Party (4th Commandment). Don’t let anyone tell you that kids and teens can’t personalize deep, challenging Biblical concepts. They did and loved it!

Of course there were awesome scientific activities and presentations throughout the week (I don’t know where they find all that top notch stuff!), a huge water fight, good food (the kids even liked it!), swimming in the lake, and just plain fun. This year we partnered with the Assembly of God Camp to expand the activities we could offer. They had someone offer to bring horses up for their camp but since their camp is right in the middle of town they didn’t have any place to house them so we offered our facility! We got to use their horses and go carts and they got to use our pastures, lake and barn!

Water fight at Science Camp From Kid’s Ministry

All in all it was a great week! The best part for me, though, came later when the mom of one of the kids told me that her son had been thinking about some of my talks and had been seeking to apply them into his life with God’s help. She said she could see a change in him. In children’s ministry you don’t always hear these kinds of results right away (even though they happen all the time) so its encouraging when you do!

Have a great summer!

–Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve about to be secretly ambushed during a water fight at Science Camp. Don’t worry, I got him back :-) From Kid’s Ministry

Oops, A Mission Update.

Hey kids!
Remember the story, “I’m Not Going”, about Megan Mays, on the Secret Cargo CD? Well, Megan wrote to tell us what it’s like being on the mission field.

I though you’d like to hear about it.



By Megan Mays, Jun 1, 2006

We have only been in Albania for a month, but we have already made our share of bloopers and mistakes.

For example, not long ago, my sister Moriah and I went shopping together. First, we went to a shop to get bread. The owner of the shop came over and asked in Albanian what I wanted. I told him I wanted whole-wheat bread, or brown bread. At least I think that’s what I told him. He walked over to the shelf, picked up a package, put it in a bag and handed it to me. Then he took the money from my hand and gave me a coin back for change. I looked over at Moriah and said, “I think I just bought something, but I’m not sure what.” After we left the store, I discovered that I had bought something kind of like zwieback. Oh well. It was brown, and it was bread. We’ll eat it.

When we got to the stand where I like to buy produce, I went in and asked for a kilo of tomatoes and two cucumbers. The lady began to jabber in Albanian, but I didn’t understand a word she said. I told her, “Nuk kuptoj; unë flas vetem pak Shqip,” meaning “I don’t understand; I only speak a little Albanian.” She smiled and said something else I didn’t understand. I told her again, “Nuk kuptoj.” She said it again, this time v-e-r-y slowly. I still didn’t know what she was saying, so I told her again, “Nuk kuptoj.” She started laughing and asked if I was an American. Read the rest of this entry »

Singing at Campmeeting

Hey kids!

This year’s Kansas Nebraska Campmeeting (See what Campmeeting is) was awesome! T. J., Mr. Guteeair and I all got to help out in the primary division (ages 7-9). Mr. Guteeair and I started each meeting off with a song service. The kids sang really loud, sometimes so loud that they couldn’t even hear us! We sang songs like The Froggy Song, Awesome God, All in All, and the Monkey Song!

I think my favorite song is The Froggy Song. I guess that’s because God and I wrote it and it means so much to me. What’s your Favorite song? I’d love to know. Why don’t you email me and tell me. Or, better yet, record yourself singing it and send it to me.

Happy singing!

Your friend,

Uncle Steve

Kansas Nebraska Campmeeting 2007!

This year at Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting in Lincoln, NE, we, Uncle Steve, Mr. Guteeair (the guitar), Jamison (the computer), Fred the Frog and I all helped out in the Primary (ages 7-9) division. The main part of the program was a time machine that brought Bible characters out to tell their stories and ask the kids to help them make the right decision.

Uncle Steve, Jamison and Mr. Guteeair were in charge of the music. The Froggy Song, the Monkey Song, Awesome God, and All in All were favorite songs. I got to talk to the kids a few times and one time I go to go through the time machine dressed as a Bible character–That was fin!

–T.J. Tucker    T. J. Tucker