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Summer Travel Schedule 2007

This year I’ve limited my summer travel so I could be with my home church a little more. Sorry to those I had to turn down. I would have loved to do all of them but if I did I’d never see my home churches!

Here are the appointments I have accepted and will be at.

  • June 1-9: Kansas-Nebraska Campmeeting Primary Division (I will not be in charge of this one, just doing the music and helping where needed). Lincoln NE
  • June 17-24: Science Camp pastor, Lexington, NE
  • July 25-28: Ark-La-Tex Campmeeting Junior Leader, Jefferson TX. We’ve made up an all new program that we’re really excited to try out on you Texans!

I hope I’ll get to see you at one of these events or at one of our local events this year!

I know this is a slimmed down schedule but we have some exciting things going on in Valentine church and I need to be around more this summer! Please contact me early next year (January or February) to schedule me for next summer!

God bless you.

–Uncle Steve