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2007 LOGOS Easter Program

Logos has two programs for the community per year at Christmas time and Easter. It’s a time when we can let parents and church members know just a little of what we’re doing with their kids. Although I’ve never counted, I’d estimate that we normally get a couple hundred parents, relatives and church members out for this event.

On April 4 we had our Easter Celebration :-) which was also the end of this LOGOS season :-(

The crowd favorite was the very enthusiastic kindergarten and 1st graders singing Lord I Lift Your Name on High (I wish I could upload a the video so you could see just how neat it was. The kids also did hand motions to the song.

2nd-5th grades  sung one of their new favorite songs, The Eden Victory Song. I taught it to them this year as we were talking about the plan of salvation through the Eden story. Before they sang the song (which is full of biblical symbols) they explained, using stuffed animals, the meaning of all the symbols like the Lamb and the Snake.

6th grade got very creative and made up powerful dramatic motions (kind of like miming) to the song, the Old Rugged Cross using white clothe. One of the girls really likes that song but they wanted to do something special with it,¬† and special it was! It brought out the meaning of the song in a way I’ve never seen it done before. My wife Heather accompanied on the violin while I narrated.

The Highschoolers (which I don’t work with in LOGOS) did well on their parts too!

All around it was a great program.

We’ll miss all you LOGOS kids this summer! Can’t wait for next season!

–Uncle Steve

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