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Recording Session

Eric Arnold (taken last spring)Producing story CDs can be a lot harder than you’d think. The little details keep piling up. On January 11 I got one of the major things done–my host for the Secret Cargo CD came over for a recording session.

It had been difficult finding someone who could do the part. I needed someone who would sound the age of my target audience but some of the parts were too advanced for the kids in that age group to handle. Eric Arnold was perfect for the part. He was actually a little older than I’d intended, in 7th grade, but he was able to sound convincingly like a younger kid. he worked hard and patiently did all the retakes I asked him too. Even though he had a slight cold you won’t even notice when you get the CD.

Great job Eric, thanks a million!

–Uncle Steve

Logos Christmas Program 2006 (in 2007)

Photo by Terry Korte CC Christmas program in January? Yep, January 10 to be exact!

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” And we certainly got one–more then we wanted in fact!

Our 2006 Valentine LOGOS Christmas program was scheduled for our last meeting night before Christmas break (LOGOS follows the public school schedule) as normal but then a big huge winter storm hit and we were forced to postpone it to the next meeting, January 10th 2007.

The program was a little odd because it had been weeks since the kids had practiced heir skits, songs and readings but our kids are really troopers and you could hardly tell they were rusty.

Most importantly the kids got another change to experience ministering to others as they reminded us of the Christmas story. Sorry I don’t have any pictures.
Good job guys!

–Uncle Steve

P.S. LOGOS is a community wide interdenominational children’s ministry for kids in grades K-12. While we have had kids from nearly every church in town it is primarily run by the Presbyterian, Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, and Episcopal churches.

Welcome to FrogSpot Kids’ Blog!

Uncle SteveHey kids!

I’m excited about this new blog! We’re gonna have a lot of great stuff here!

I (Uncle Steve) be telling you neat stories and keeping you up to date about the latest news at FrogSpot.
Mr Guteeair

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T.J. (my puppet) will add his fun two cents from time to time.T. J. Tucker

And Cammy (the Camera) will let you see some of the exciting things we do here at FrogSpot!

So check back often for more!

Your Friend,

Uncle Steve

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