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The Prodigal Son in the Key of F

Hey kids,

A friend of mine found this on the internet. I thought you might like as little different version of this Bible story.


Uncle Steve

The Prodigal Son forced his father to fork over his farthings.Feeling footloose and frisky, a featherbrained fellow forced his father to fork over his farthings. Fast he flew to foreign fields and frittered his family’s fortune, feasting fabulously with floozies and faithless friends. Flooded with flattery, he financed a full-fledged fling of “funny foam” and fast food.

Fleeced by his fellows in folly, facing famine and feeling faintly fuzzy, he found himself a feed-flinger in a filthy foreign farmyard. Feeling frail and fairly famished, he fain would have filled his frame with foraged food from the fodder fragments.

“Fooey,” he figured, “my father’s flunkies fare far fancier,” the frazzled fugitive fumed feverishly, facing the facts. Finally, frustrated from failure and filled with foreboding (but following his feelings) he fled fairly fast from the filthy foreign farmyard.

The Prodigal SonFar away, the father focused on the fretful familiar form in the field and flew to him and fondly flung his forearms around the fatigued fugitive. Falling at his father’s feet, the fugitive floundered forlornly, “Father, I have flunked and fruitlessly forfeited family favor.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Easter Dog Show

Image by, Christian SherrattExcitement was in the air in the small town of Edgemont. They had a new hero—a champion speller. Timothy Atkins had just clinched the first place title at the national Spelling Bee in Washington D.C., and since he was a native son, the town was understandably proud!

The town leaders were organizing a city-wide celebration in Timothy’s honor. While some spread out a huge banner over Main Street, others posted invitations on every lamp post and every store window in town. The invitations read, “Come one, come all to a special celebration to honor the accomplishments of Timothy Atkins who won the National Spelling Bee in Washington.” Then they announced the time and location, which was the largest meeting room in the entire city! It seemed as if the whole town was abuzz with the exciting news and everyone pitched in to prepare for the big celebration.

The excitement was also very strong in the Atkins home. And if you were to peek into their window on the day of the celebration you’d see that other preparations were being made.

“Don’t forget to comb your hair, son. Let’s get that tie straightened a little; you want to look you best in the pictures!” Timothy pulled his tie into place as he and mother headed out the door and got into their car. Timothy bounced a little in excitement as he put on his seat belt.

When they arrived, the parking lot was so full that Mother had to drop Timothy off and go in search of a place to park.

As he opened the door he was taken by surprise. It seemed that everyone in town had come out to celebrate his accomplishment.

But as he walked in he was met with another surprise—everyone ignored him. When he tried to greet his friends they hardly even acknowledged his presence and continued to look at their dogs! It was the strangest thing. No one greeted him, no one spoke of the spelling champ—in fact it seemed to Timothy as if everyone had forgotten why this celebration was happening in the first place.

Image by duchesssaHe breathed a sigh of relief when the mayor strolled to the microphone to make an announcement. Surely Mayor Woods would get things on track. “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please,” the mayor began. He clapped his hands a few times to get everyone’s attention. “As you all know, we have gathered here today to celebrate a kid from our town, um, what’s his name?” he paused for a moment. “Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really matter does it? Anyway we’re here to celebrate some kid who won, er, something. I don’t quite recall what it was. Oh well, congratulations, whoever you are about whatever you did. Now let’s get onto the main event. If everyone will bring their dogs to the front the judging will begin.”

“Is that all?” Timothy thought, “They set up this whole celebration to honor my hard work with spelling and my championship and they can’t even remember my name?” Timothy felt miserable so he sat down by the door with his head in his hands to wait for his mother to come. The thought that they were more interested in dogs than him hurt like he’d had a knife stabbed into his heart.

Image by, Christian SherrattFinally he saw his mother walk in. “Let’s go!” he said as he pulled her out the door as fast as he could. They hurried out to the car where Timothy slammed the door and hunkered down in his seat.

“What’s going on?” Mother asked.

“It’s awful, just awful,” Timothy wailed. “No one even noticed I was there, the mayor forgot who I was and what I’d done, and no one else remembered well enough to remind him! All they cared about were their dogs! They ‘re having a dog show, Mom, a dog show when they’re supposed to be celebrating my spelling bee championship!”

“I’m so sorry,” mother began, “I bet it hurts terribly to be left out and ignored at your own celebration. I think Jesus knows just how you feel.”

“Really? Why?”

“A long time ago people got together and said, ‘Let’s set up a special day every year to celebrate what Jesus did on the cross for us.’ They called the holiday Easter. It’s a day when we should remember how Jesus died on the cross to take our punishment for sin so that we wouldn’t have to. It’s a time to remember that he was buried in the tomb even before they were able to give Him a proper burial because the Sabbath had come. But when some women came to the tomb that next Sunday morning to finish the burial they were surprised to find the stone rolled away because Jesus had risen from the dead. And, Timothy, because He has conquered death we too can have eternal life if we trust in Him. But these days when people celebrate Easter they forget all about that story and about Jesus and celebrate bunnies and Easter Eggs. How do you think that makes Jesus feel?”

Timothy thought about that for a long minute. He didn’t answer out loud for no answer was needed. But silently he began to pray, “I want you, Jesus, much more than bunnies and eggs. Help me never to forget what you did for me. Amen.”


By Steve Severance © March 2008. Feel free to use this story in your church ministry but please email me and let me know you did! Also, please include the copyright info.

What God Blessed!

If you had to choose one of these 7 glasses, which are all exactly the same, which one would you choose?

Seven Drinking Glasses

I guess it wouldn’t really matter, would it? All these glasses hold water, grape juice, lemonade, hot chocolate or anything else you want to drink just as well as the other.

But what if I put a special blessing in one of the glasses by putting a $50 bill in it? Which one would you choose now?

One cup is blessed with a $50 bill!

Of course you’d pick the one with the money in it, right? It would be silly to pick one of the others and think that it would be just as valuable, right?

Now, what if someone told you  that it didn’t really matter which glass you choose because they’re all the same. If you believed him and picked the first one and believed with all your heart that it had the money in it would the money really be there? No! Because I only blessed the seventh glass with the money.  Believing something doesn’t make it happen, does it?

Well, did you know that God made seven things that are just the same? Yep, He made seven days in the week and their all the same–24 hours each! But wait, God blessed one of those days with something even more special than the $50 bill that I blessed the seventh glass with–He made it a holy day for us to spend time with Him and other Christians! See lets read about it:

“Remember to keep the Sabbath holy. Work and get everything done during six days each week, but the seventh day is a day of rest to honor the Lord your God. On that day no one may do any work…. The reason is that in six days the Lord made everything—the sky, the earth, the sea, and everything in them. On the seventh day he rested. So the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”–Exodus 20:7-12 (New Century Version)

So, God made seven days in a week. But He specially blessed the 7th day, Saturday. To think that all seven days are the same when God put a special blessing into seventh day, is as silly as taking a glass without any money in it and thinking it has some in it! It’s just plain silly. So lets remember that God’s special day is Saturday and worship Him on that day!

Wanna learn more about the Sabbath?

Here’s a video about the Sabbath. Click here!

To read more about the Sabbath Click here. (Your parents may enjoy this site more than you.)

Guide Magazine has some ideas of neat activities to do on God;s specially blessed day. Click here.

Your friend,

Uncle Steve

P.S. Thanks to Amazing Facts’ kids Bible lessons for the inspiration for this post. You can get those lessons here.

Who’s Birthday Is It?

It’s almost Christmas time! Yeaaa!!! If you’re like most kids you’ve been guessing what’s in the presents under the tree.

Have you ever wondered why people give each other gifts on Christmas? I mean we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday right? Why don’t we give Jesus a Christmas present?

“That’s silly,” I can hear you say, “how could we give Jesus a present when He lives up in Heaven?”

Ahh, but there’s a way. Jesus says, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40) When you show love to someone in need Jesus says that you’re really doing it for Him!! Isn’t that cool?

Uncle Steve wrote a song about this. Wanna hear it? Click here to listen to it

One cool way of giving Jesus a Christmas present is with ADRA’s Really useful gift catalog. You can ask your parents, or grandparents, or anyone, to give you a gift from ADRA. How it works is they buy something to help a needy person (Like a Goat for a Girl in Niger) and give it in your name. Then you’ll get a card that says what your “present” was. It’s really a Christmas present for Jesus!! Click here to fine out more.

Have a very merry Jesus Birthday!!

Your friend,

Mr. Guteeair

Big Things, Scary Things!

No Peeking!Hey kids!

Just for a minute close your eyes and try to walk around your house. No Peeking!…

You probably did kinda ok didn’t you? That’s because you know your house and so you know where the couch or chair is in the living room or where your bed is in your bedroom so you can avoid it.  But imagine that you had to walk around in some place you’ve never been before with your eyes closed. You’d bump into everything because you didn’t know what was ahead of you. Now, that would be scary!

Life is kind of like that. It’s like we’re walking around blind, ’cause we can’t see what’s going to happen next and we’re going to bump into tons of things along the way; some good, some bad and some downright dangerous.

This morning as I was reading in my Bible I read Isaiah 42 where it talks about God coming out like a mighty warrior to rescue his faithful people. God said, “I will lead the blind on roads they have never known; I will guide them on paths they have never traveled. Their road is dark and rough, but I will give light to keep them from stumbling. This is my solemn promise.”–Isaiah 42:16

Do you ever feel like you’re on an unknown path and you can’t see where you’re going? Maybe your mom and dad are divorced or about to be and you’re not sure how you’ll make it. Perhaps you are struggling with a learning disability and it seems that you just can’t figure school out. Or possibly there’s a bully who’s decided that you are a good one to abuse. Or maybe there’s something else you’re dealing with. Whatever it is, Jesus says He can lead you in the dark and rough road. He may not make other people stop doing bad things (they have to choose that themselves) but He is able to lead you safely through whatever your blind place may be. He promised!

So talk to Him and trust him. If you want to talk to a human too, you can email me (get your parent’s permission first). I’d be glad to try to help.

Your Friend,

–Uncle Steve

(c) July 14, 2008 By Uncle Steve Severance